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M&T Transfer Perspective: Shaping My Future

by Cathryn H., M&T Class of 2015

by Cathryn H., M&T Class of 2015

When I was looking for a college, I couldn’t decide between business and engineering. Like most other M&Ts, I knew I wanted to combine them both; I just didn’t know exactly how to do so. Then I found the M&T program at Penn which quickly made the university my early decision choice for college. Although I applied to the program when I applied to Penn, I still wasn’t completely focused on what my future in the program would look like and started off my Penn career in the engineering school as a single degree student. The first year in engineering furthered my passion for bioengineering, allowing me to learn and apply the design process to not only biological systems but also to everyday systems.

The summer before my freshman year at Penn, I had the rare privilege of spending a week at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).  In addition to learning about the financial markets and business world at the NYSE, I learned about the possibilities of combining different aspects of business with emerging technology. I was instantly drawn to the fast pace and mathematical aspects of the financial markets in addition to the negotiations and interdependence of the business world.  I wanted to pursue my passions that had turned into personal goals in order to further develop my passions without giving one up. Throughout freshman year I focused on keeping my grades up, talking to current M&T students, and starting the M&T transfer application early because I began to realize how much of an impact M&T could have in my future and allow me to pursue both of my passions.

After surviving freshman year and submitting my M&T transfer application, I checked my email almost hourly in June just waiting for an email. All of the waiting and determination finally paid off when I received the ‘Congratulations’ email one June afternoon. Transferring into M&T has been and will continue to be the single most impactful event of my career at Penn, not because the program has allowed me to complete two degrees, but because the program has created a network in which a simple ‘Congratulations’ email has turned into more opportunities than I imagined. Even from the start I could feel the powerful network I had just entered. M&T students are some of the most helpful, genuine students I have met on campus—always willing to share the secrets of scheduling the heavy course load, choosing the best professors, and surviving the toughest classes at Penn. Between current students congratulating me throughout the summer, to meeting alumni at networking events, to seeing companies’ specific interests to hire M&T students, to just hanging out in the M&T office, it’s already been easy for me to see the impact M&T students will have on the future business and technology world. I feel more than honored to be included in this network because I know it will continue to shape my future.

Cathryn is a current M&T sophomore in the Class of 2015. She is studying Bioengineering within Penn Engineering and has yet to declare her concentration in the Wharton School.

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