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A Day in the Life of an M&T Alum: Kim, Class of 2008

by Kim G., M&T Class of 2008

by Kim G., M&T Class of 2008

Our ‘A Day in the Life’ series highlights alumni in various fields and positions, offering a glimpse of what life after graduation is like. This post comes to us from M&T alumna Kim, currently working at an investment bank in New York City.

Please briefly describe what industry you’re in and what your particular position entails.

I work in Sales & Trading at JPMorgan. Sales & Trading is a client focused business where we make markets in a broad range of financial products. Essentially, clients can come to us for a price to buy or sell a wide range of assets.

I am in the Commodity Investor Sales group, covering large investor clients such as Pension Funds, Endowments, and Asset Managers. We help clients obtain long only and long/short exposure to the Commodity markets. Clients do this for portfolio diversification benefits, to express tactical views, and to hedge against future inflation. They can access these markets through swaps, options, and other derivatives. As part of my role, I have the opportunity to work with our product development team on some of our index strategies.

What time did you get up this morning before work?


What time did you start working, and what time were you done for the day?

I usually work from about 8:00am to 7:00pm.

Who specifically did you interact with today, besides coworkers (clients, interns, researchers, executives, founders, etc.)?

Clients, traders, people in research, product development, legal, compliance, quantitative research and technology.

Are you currently traveling or about to travel for work?

I travel regularly to see clients.

What are some of the challenges within your position that you particularly enjoy?

Working on a trading floor, you need to be prepared for anything. You don’t usually know what your day is going to look like when you walk in the door – you just have to stay informed, pay attention to what is going on around you, and bring the information to your clients quickly and accurately. It’s incredibly dynamic – which is challenging and exciting.

How did you end up in your current position or school?

I participated in On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) while at Penn to find my first internship at JPMorgan in 2007, and have transitioned internally twice since then (interning on another desk, and then moving into my current position upon graduating).

How did M&T help prepare you for where you are today?

My job requires both analytical problem solving skills – which Penn Engineering gave me a strong framework for – as well as communication and management skills, which I honed at Wharton.

Kim is an Associate in Commodity Institutional Sales at JPMorgan. She graduated from M&T in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics from Penn Engineering as well as a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton School with concentrations in Finance and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. In her spare time, Kim loves cooking, dance, the Baltimore Ravens, and traveling to warm destinations.

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