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Why I Chose Penn and M&T: Shaun, Class of 2015

by Shaun A., M&T Class of 2015

by Shaun A., M&T Class of 2015

My name is Shaun and I am currently a sophomore in the M&T Program. I intend to concentrate in Finance and Statistics from Wharton, Computer and Information Science from the School of Engineering and Applied Science and minor in Mathematics. My passion for entrepreneurship began long before coming to college. In high-school, I founded a company called Personalize with a ten member team that created individualized children’s books for kindergarteners in Dubai (Young Enterprise Scheme). Our team rapidly progressed through the competitive analysis, product development, marketing and sales, and managed to bring the product to market in a mere three months. We ended up enjoying high profits and successfully liquidated the company in one year. This experience, coupled with my desire to explore the intersection of business and engineering, led me to come halfway across the world to immerse myself in the M&T Program.

Coming from a British high-school, my decision to choose the M&T Program over reputable institutions such as Oxford and Imperial College was perplexing to many of my teachers. I personally had doubts about whether this was the correct decision. Now, as I approach the end of my sophomore year, I know that this was one of the best decisions of my life. I have thoroughly enjoyed both the breadth and practicality of the courses that I have taken thus far.  Not only has it given me a crucial knowledge and understanding of a wide variety of disciplines, but it has also broadened my perspective and helped me grow. Despite having a heavier course load than most other students, M&T students have ample opportunity to purse their extra-curricular interests and get involved in numerous student organizations. Personally, I have had the opportunity to pursue all of my passions, from sports (Penn Cricket Club), research (Management Research Assistant), student government (Class Board), teaching (Weiss Tech House), investing (Wharton Trading Group) to music (SPEC Sound Technician).

One of the most enriching and rare aspects of being an M&T student is the sheer ‘awesomeness’ of your fellow class-mates. The 50 students in my class are among the brightest, most talented and most diverse people I have ever met and I have become very good friends with many of them. Additionally, the M&T community is one of the closest knit and helpful communities that I have ever been a part of (both the students and the program faculty). Despite our busy schedules, we always find the time to offer a helping hand to each other (from simply chatting to offering career advice to anything under the sun!), which is a true testament to the strength of the community. I consider myself privileged to be a part of this extraordinary group of individuals.

Shaun is a current M&T sophomore in the Class of 2015. He studies Computer Science within Penn Engineering and has yet to declare his concentration in the Wharton School.

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