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Unlucky Number Thirteen

by Aaron G., M&T Class of 2017

by Aaron G., M&T Class of 2017

They say thirteen is an unlucky number. Buildings skip from floor twelve to fourteen without so much as a second thought, and we all brace ourselves whenever we realize it’s Friday the thirteenth. I personally feel truly lucky, though, to be a part of this year’s high school class of 2013 and the incoming M&T class, and a big part of that decision was M&T Day this year.

M&T Day was my last admitted student event before the deadline for committing, so I had pretty high hopes for the program, and it definitely delivered. I had a blast during the event, from learning a little bit more about M&T and Philadelphia in general through the trivia/Jeopardy games to learning more about the current students through the bingo and ice cream social. The community was clearly very tight-knit, and even when I left my backpack in one of the buildings we had been in earlier, I was floored to see how accommodating everyone was to help me get it back. The next day, I loved hearing more about student and faculty experiences through the various panels. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience, and it really solidified my decision to commit to Penn once I got home.

My parents and guidance counselor at school ended up telling me later that they had known all along that I’d pick M&T just by the way I described the program to them, but I like to think that there was at least a little bit of a decision on my part there (haha).

Once the school year starts, I’m hoping to study bioengineering in Penn Engineering and to pursue a minor in Energy and Sustainability. I’m also interested in what finance or environmental policy and management is like on the Wharton side. I’m also hoping to see what Penn Appétit or Penn Gastronomy is like, and have started working with Idealust ( to showcase new and innovative ideas to improve our world.

Anyway, I’m excited to be a part of the M&T family, and am looking forward to the fall!

Aaron is an incoming M&T freshman in the Class of 2017 from Gainesville, Virginia. In high school he was heavily involved in his school’s Robotics team, marching band, wind symphony and concert orchestra, Envirothon, and Eagle Scouts. We look forward to seeing Aaron on campus this fall!

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