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M&T Career Exploration: JP Morgan Sales & Trading

by Andrew Z., M&T Class of 2018

by Andrew Z., M&T Class of 2018

As M&Ts, we’re privileged to have the opportunity to learn from and network with industry professionals. Last semester, a couple members from the JP Morgan Sales & Trading division, including an M&T alumna, came down to talk to M&T students. The session started off with an informal Q&A. JP Morgan employees talked about their journey into finance and memorable challenges they’ve run into on the job. One of the points the traders emphasized heavily for prospective applicants was to always read the news and stay updated on current events. The networking event was specifically for M&T’s and Huntsman students. This indicates that firms are looking for applicants with an understanding of a range of fields, and can use these different areas of knowledge to better perform on the job.

JP Morgan’s recruiting was targeted more towards upperclassmen. As a freshman, I enjoyed being able to learn about the field of Sales & Trading without the pressure of having to find a job or internship. The speakers from JP Morgan were very receptive to questions. I felt like a total newbie asking, “Who are you trading with?”, but the JP Morgan speakers were more than happy to answer each question I had.

After seeing what’s out there, I’ve become less certain about what I want to do. However, these information sessions have given me a great opportunity to explore the possibilities. I believe the best way to understand different career paths is to talk to people working in these fields. In the future, I’m looking forward to attending more events like this and figuring out what I would like to do after college.

Andrew, from Germantown, Maryland, is a member of the M&T Class of 2018. He studies Computer Science within Penn Engineering and has yet to declare his concentration in the Wharton School.

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