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M&T Senior Spotlight: Jeff Grimes

by Jeff Grimes, M&T Class of 2015

by Jeff Grimes, M&T Class of 2015

With graduation fast approaching, we’re taking the month of April to honor our M&T Class of 2015 with a few Senior Spotlights. The first comes to us from Jeff Grimes, who writes about some of his Penn, M&T, and Philly favorites.

My favorite activity at Penn has been being part of my fraternity, FIJI (Phi Gamma Delta). Throughout my four years at Penn, I have enjoyed having several different groups of friends. One major group has been my M&T classmates, and another has been my pledge brothers from FIJI. I have lived with my FIJI brothers for three years and have made numerous friendships that will last for the rest of my life.

I have two favorite classes: one related to my major and another one unrelated. The first respectively is Dr. Hamilton’s class MGMT 235 (Entrepreneurship and Innovation). This course was a master class in analyzing and evaluating technical ventures. My other favorite class was CINE 102 (Cinema 1945-modern). I have long been interested in the production of movies and this class gave me a better vocabulary to analyze movies.

The best part of my M&T experience has been bonding with my fellow M&Ts. The M&T office is one of my favorite places on campus. If I have half an hour or so to kill between classes or meetings, I enjoy hanging out in the M&T office and talking to some of my friends who are there. The greatest strength of M&T is its community and I have been glad to be a part of it.

Lastly, my favorite restaurant on campus is Mizu. Japanese is my favorite cuisine and Mizu has a lunch special that is too good to pass up – 16 pieces of sushi and miso soup for $8.99!

Jeff, from Hillsborough, California, is a member of the M&T Class of 2015. He studies Computer Science within Penn Engineering and Management and Entrepreneurship & Innovation in the Wharton School. After graduation Jeff will join Google in Mountain View as an Associate Product Manager.

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