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M&T Recruiting in 30 Seconds: McKinsey Business Analyst

by Jake Hart, M&T Class of 2016

by Jake Hart, M&T Class of 2016

In this series, M&T seniors share their after graduation plans and tips for navigating on-campus recruiting (OCR). 

Name: Jake Hart
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Major/Concentration(s): Computer Science & Analytical Management (individualized concentration in Statistics and Management)

Where will you be working after graduation and in what role?
I’ll be working at McKinsey & Company’s Cleveland office as a business analyst, which is their generalist consultant role for those out of undergrad. I interned there last summer and am excited to be going back!

What made you want to work at McKinsey’s Cleveland office?
A few things drew me to McKinsey and specifically the Cleveland office. Just as I felt a special connection to the M&T Program when I visited during Preview Days, I felt a special connection to the Cleveland office when I went for interviews. The people are intelligent, down-to-earth, and overall fantastic to work with. Additionally, growing up in the Cleveland area gave me a deep passion for issues facing the “rust belt”; solving these problems is something I have a deep-seeded passion for. At McKinsey, I’ll get an opportunity to tackle these challenges and help the region that I love, all while building vital skills for my long-term career.

How did your M&T experience prepare you for this role?
In every way. I still remember having a moment of reflection two or three weeks into the summer internship, suddenly realizing what a great position my M&T experience had put me in to succeed! My Penn Engineering education gave me the technical toolkit to work through complex modeling and analytical tasks, while Wharton classes empowered me to be an effective communicator and team member. Together, I felt well prepared for all aspects of the job. As a fun side note, one partner I worked with guessed I was from M&T based on my varied skill set alone! I should also mention the non-academic aspects of the M&T Program benefited me tremendously, from giving me a network of M&T alums already at McKinsey to having interview prep from upperclassmen last spring. Overall, M&T helped in every way during the internship, and I expect that to continue full-time.

What are you most looking forward to about being a McKinsey employee?
I’m really excited to have a chance to have an impact in a wide variety of industries, specifically those which are centered in the Midwest. Given that our teams are very small (five people max), I’ll get an opportunity to have substantial personal impact even right out of school. On a lighter note, I actually think traveling will be a fun aspect of the job, since it’s something I did very little of growing up.

What tips do you have for M&Ts going through the full-time recruiting process in the future?
Always question yourself. Ask yourself why you’re applying for a role, how that relates to your long-term aspirations, and why you have those long-term aspirations. Even if you don’t have a concrete vision of your future (I certainly don’t), this can be helpful. All too often I found myself applying for positions which I genuinely had little interest in; it took me a while to step back and realize what was truly important to me, and I was lucky to find a role that fit my long-term interests. Maybe even more important though, remember your first job is very small in the big picture, so be positive about whatever opportunity you end up pursuing!

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