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M&T Recruiting in 30 Seconds: Silver Point Capital

by Pratyusha Gupta, M&T Class of 2016

by Pratyusha Gupta, M&T Class of 2016

In this series, M&T seniors share their after graduation plans and tips for navigating on-campus recruiting (OCR). 

Name: Pratyusha Gupta
Hometown: Dover, DE
Major/Concentration(s): Computer Science (BSE), Finance, Management

Where will you be working after graduation?
I will be working at Silver Point Capital, a distressed debt and special situations hedge fund.

What made you want to work at Silver Point?
The firm has an interesting investing mandate. Distressed debt, due to the high transaction costs, difficulty of analysis, and non-transparent information, still faces significant market inefficiencies. These inefficiencies can be exploited by investors to create meaningful risk-adjusted returns. I have also heard great things about the company training process, culture, and their desire to promote from within. All of this combined made Silver Point my top choice during full-time recruiting.

How did your M&T experience prepare you for this role?
Investing is about analyzing situations through multiple lenses to find the most likely outcome for the future. M&T provided me with a wide breadth of knowledge which to draw from and helped me develop multiple perspectives for any problem. The interdisciplinary nature of my education assisted me in developing my problem solving skills.

What are you most looking forward to about being a Silver Point employee?
I look forward to being challenged. It is one thing to purchase stocks with personal funds and another entirely to make investment decisions with large amounts of client dollars. I am also looking forward to analyzing interesting situations, both in and out of bankruptcy. I believe that I will improve my skills as an investor and find a life-long passion.

What tips do you have for M&Ts going through the full-time recruiting process in the future?
Don’t stress! There are many opportunities available and through patience and diligence you will find the ideal full-time position. Use the alumni network and do proper research before finalizing any position.

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