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M&T Recruiting in 30 Seconds: Exxon Mobil Utilities Engineer

by Joseph Mack, M&T Class of 2016

by Joseph Mack, M&T Class of 2016

In this series, M&T seniors share their after graduation plans and tips for navigating on-campus recruiting (OCR). 

Name: Joseph Mack
Hometown: Bristol, Rhode Island
Major/Concentration(s): MEAM/Management

Where will you be working after graduation and in what role?
Exxon Mobil Research and Engineering – Utilities Engineer

What made you want to work at Exxon Mobil?
I decided to work at Exxon Mobil because they gave me the opportunity to use both my engineering and business background. As a utilities engineer I will be creating and overseeing the design of utilities systems for refineries around the world.

How did your M&T experience prepare you for this role?
The M&T Program gave me the ability to see engineering challenges with two minds. While an engineering background helps me understand the wide array of possible design options, a business background allows me to quickly evaluate the business impact they will have. The combination makes it much easier to make decisions that will provide the most value to the company.

What are you most looking forward to about being an Exxon Mobil employee?
I am most excited about the dynamic work environment. Employees are constantly working on multiple projects and interfacing with people around the world. I think I’ll be able to learn a lot while working there.

What tips do you have for M&Ts going through the full-time recruiting process in the future?
1) Use career services walk-in hours! They were really helpful when I was polishing my resume and preparing for interviews.

2) Focus your search. It is much less stressful to go through the process when you can outline certain “no go” factors that you can use to quickly eliminate certain job opportunities before you apply.

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