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Why I Love M&T: Karishma Tank and Cathryn Herbst

by Karishma Tank, M&T Class of 2017

Karishma Tank, M&T Class of 2017

One aspect of the M&T Program that I always have found fascinating is the ability to connect students who are all extremely smart and have the same general interests in combining business and technology yet study completely different disciplines within Wharton and SEAS. A student’s course of study within both schools is extremely customizable, which is extremely important for anyone considering M&T to know because technology is pervasive in every area of study that one can think of. The flexibility in our curricula allows for students to truly study whatever they find most interesting while adding an aspect of breadth to our community. The combination of both degrees has allowed me to think extremely critically about the world of technology and the impact that we can make in such a fast-paced world.

Speaking of community, I personally believe I would be lost at Penn without the incredibly close-knit and supportive M&T community. There are so many students at Penn that I remember, as a freshman, feeling “lost” within the entire student body during NSO. The M&T office is one of my favorite places on campus as I am able to interact with other M&Ts, get advice on job prospects/class schedules, and get free printing, chocolate, and coffee. M&T has made my time at Penn the best three years that I could’ve hoped for so far!

Karishma, from New Hyde Park, New York, is a member of the M&T Class of 2017. She studies Systems Science Engineering in Penn Engineering and Finance in the Wharton School.

Cathryn Herbst, M&T Class of 2016

Cathryn Herbst, M&T Class of 2015

I love M&T because of the natural curiosity that the program encourages. In a way, it actually requires curiosity. When you are studying two different subjects, your mind tries to find new ways to draw connections between everything from lab reports to business plans. This only works if you are genuinely curious about what you are doing because it isn’t an easy task. Yet, it’s a brilliant moment of bliss when you find the perfect intersection between two disciplines that you are passionate about in your academic career. To me,  that’s the beauty of M&T!

Cathryn, from St. Louis, Missouri, is a member of the M&T Class of 2015. She studies Bioengineering in Penn Engineering and Finance, Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) in the Wharton School.

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