The insider's guide to the Jerome Fisher Program at the University of Pennsylvania

Why I Love M&T: Abby Rhodes and Rob Lawrence

AbbyAbby Rhodes, M&T Class of 2019

M&T offers an unparalleled undergraduate experience academically, professionally, and even socially. My senior year in high school I was unsure of what I wanted to study in college: engineering or business. No other university offered me the opportunity to study both disciplines concurrently and realistically. Professionally, M&T offers a network of passionate and inspiring students and alumni spanning across the globe. I know that M&T will open doors for me after graduation and beyond, either through the alumni network or the international respect garnered by the program. Socially, the M&T Program has had the ability to bring together a group of 200 friends all of whom at any point I would feel comfortable reaching out to for academic advice, professional connections or even coffee. When I first arrived on campus and still today, my M&T class of 50 students was an immediate network of friends and classmates with whom I’ve bonded with late nights doing chemistry labs, practicing presentations and eating Wawa in Hunstman GSRs. Being in M&T is by far my favorite part of Penn and an experience I wouldn’t trade for any other.

Abby, from Cary, North Carolina, is a member of the M&T Class of 2019. She studies Bioengineering in Penn Engineering and has yet to declare her concentration in the Wharton School.

RobRob Lawrence, M&T Class of 2017

M&T has given me the opportunity to help foster innovation by accelerating startups on campus through the M&T Innovation Fund. As co-head of the investment committee, I meet with many founders each semester from throughout the Penn community. We select companies that are working on tech-enabled innovation and have included teams working in analytics, medical devices, educational software, and online marketplaces. In addition to funding, our value creation team meets with the founders to develop their business plan, establish beneficial connections within the alumni network, and provide resources for accelerated growth. As one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial communities on campus, M&T has allowed me to not only build a foundation through classwork in both technical and business topics, but also to exercise those skills through my work identifying and accelerating innovative ideas at Penn.

Rob, from Ridgefield, Connecticut, is a member of the M&T Class of 2017. He studies Systems Science Engineering in Penn Engineering and has yet to declare his concentration in the Wharton School.

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