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M&T Spotlight: Simon Oh

With over 200 students, the M&T community has an array of inspiring, exciting, surprising, and overall impressive achievements. We’ve asked M&Ts to share about their peers’ achievements in our “M&T Spotlight” series. Have an impressive M&T story to share? Fill out the M&T Spotlight form or email Sarah Deak at


M&T Spotlight Name: Simon Oh

About Simon: Simon is an Electrical Engineering major concentrating in Statistics and Finance, and a member of the Class of 2017. He is originally from South Korea and has interned at AQR and in Mumbai, India as a quantitative analyst, among other achievements. He is described by his classmates as “hilarious, super smart, and organized to a T.”

Simon the Squirrel Whisperer: Simon was nominated for one of his more low-profile achievements: managing the popular Instagram feed @upennsquirrels. The quirky and clever feed sports shots of squirrels around Penn’s campus, in poses ranging from noble to, well, nutty. Simon’s peers thank him for this comical feed and those who have seen him in action dubbed him, “the Squirrel Whisperer.”

The M&T community thanks Simon for his ingenuity and skill in capturing these moments. His passion for bringing joy to his peers is inspiring and his work shows the range of M&T achievements. Thank you, Simon!

Below are some of the great posts from @upennsquirrels!



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