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M&T Spotlight: Summer Yue

With over 200 students, the M&T community has an array of inspiring, exciting, surprising, and overall impressive achievements. We’ve asked M&Ts to share about their peers’ achievements in our “M&T Spotlight” series. Have an impressive M&T story to share? Fill out the M&T Spotlight form or email Sarah Deak at

summer-yuecroppedM&T Spotlight Name:
Summer Yue

About Summer: Summer is a Computer Science major and a member of the Class of 2018.

She is originally from Xi’an, China and has a strong interest in entrepreneurship. Summer has been involved in both investment and deep learning research here at Penn and interned as a software engineer at Microsoft. She will join the team at Square this summer.

Summer is described by her classmates as “super nice and helpful” and someone who provides “tons of advice and inspiration.” She is known for diving right into projects, learning by doing, and is unafraid to try something new.

Start-ups and Service: Summer is currently working on a start-up focused on artificial intelligence and is constantly helping her fellow M&Ts learn more about AI. She is putting her knowledge and skill set to work with The Future of Humanity Society here at Penn. The club focuses on using machine learning and AI to solve “giant real-world problems that affect all of humanity.”

Summer’s current project – with M&Ts Linzhi Qi, Lawrence Chan, and Kanishka Rao – is ChanceU, an AI college counseling platform with YouthHack Accelerator. Thank you, Summer, for using your skills to make our world a better place!

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