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AQR Thanksgiving: An M&T Tradition

For multiple years, AQR Capital Management has graciously sponsored the annual M&T Thanksgiving. This M&T Tradition brings together M&Ts of all class years for an evening of good food, lively competition, and impactful conversations. Abby Rhodes (M&T ’19) shares her recap of this year’s event.

There are so many traditions around this time of year, and one I always look forward to is the AQR M&T Thanksgiving. There’s something special about so many of us coming together – without an agenda or deliverable – in one place. Though we spend a lot of time in class, working on projects, or studying together, the M&T Thanksgiving is a time when we can really spend time with one another…and nothing else! aqr-thanksgiving-croppedThe notoriously delicious Boston Market mac and cheese, inventive M&T Quizzo, and all around camaraderie are a great way to de-stress before finals.

The AQR Thanksgiving serves as an illustration of the M&T community as a whole: welcoming, supportive and engaging. I love getting to meet new M&Ts from each class year and inevitably engaging in some informal mentoring. This year I asked an upperclassman for industry-specific interview advice. They were able to give me real world examples from their own experience and their advice boosted my confidence during interviews.

Also this year, we had the opportunity to listen to Michael Gromis, an AQR intern, speak about the firm and his experiences there. Michael’s spirited explanation sparked the interest of many M&T underclassmen unfamiliar with the firm and, for those of us familiar with it, reaffirmed our impression of AQR as an engaging and rewarding place to work.

Although these presentations and conversations are immensely helpful, my favorite part of the event is by far Quizzo. It’s full of M&T “inside jokes” and really brings out the competitive spirit we all secretly harbor through friendly lineage rivalries. As a sophomore, I feel lucky I still have a few more Thanksgivings to attend. Already looking forward to M&T Thanksgiving next year!

Abby is a member of the class of 2019. She is a Computer Science major with a Finance & Management concentration, working in finance this summer. Her favorite thing about being an M&T is the community atmosphere.

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