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M&T Spotlight: Rudra Puri

With over 200 students, the M&T community has an array of inspiring, exciting, surprising, and overall impressive achievements. We’ve asked M&Ts to share about their peers’ achievements in our “M&T Spotlight” series.

RudraM&T Spotlight Name: Rudra Puri

About Rudra: Rudra is a senior materials science and engineering major concentrating in finance. Born in Qatar, he has lived in India, Indonesia, Australia, London, and the U.S. Rudra’s international living helped him gain fluency in English, French, and Hindi. His friends describe him as fun-loving and light-hearted, but able to get serious and deep when anyone needs help or insight.

Making the Most of M&T: During his time at Penn, Rudra has immersed himself into academia while establishing meaningful relationships with the M&T community and beyond. When asked about Rudra, his peers say, “Everyone knows him, everyone loves him, and it’s time we celebrated how well he has utilized his experience at Penn.”

Rudra has been a TA for Management courses, worked in the M&T Office, served as co-President of the M&T Innovation Fund, and worked as a Residential Team Advisor for M&T’s high school summer program, M&TSI among other achievements. Next year, Rudra will take his talents to investment banking firm Centerview Partners.

Amid it all, Rudra finds the time to sample Philly’s amazing culinary scene. It’s fair to say Rudra has capitalized on the opportunities within Penn and M&T, making the most of his undergrad years.

We in the M&T Program wish Rudra luck and look forward to hearing about all the amazing achievements that undoubtedly await!

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