The insider's guide to the Jerome Fisher Program at the University of Pennsylvania

Directions for M&T Day 2017!

Jeff Kessler, M&T Class of 2016

One of the most amazing aspects of the M&T community is the multitude of diverse interests and passions held by the various members. In my case, transportation systems are of interest to me and have been the basis behind my work at Amtrak, SEPTA, MTA New York City Transit, and WMATA (DC Metro). With that in mind, it’s my job to make sure you’re well equipped to tackle ground transportation to reach Quaker Days registration at Houston Hall and M&T Day orientation at The Inn at Penn, Woodlands Ballroom.

General Note

I need help!

If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to email/text me. Seriously. And that’s not a, “he’s just saying that” thing, I really mean feel free to contact me for help with anything. I love this stuff and know way more about transportation than anyone should; this helps me put it to good use.

Contact Information

• Email:
• Phone: (321) 300-JEFF (5333)
• Messenger: Jeff Kessler

I’m Flying to Philadelphia

Taking the Train from PHL Airport

Welcome! After you arrive at PHL, exit the security checkpoint and you’ll see a skybridge (walkway) towards baggage claim. If you checked bags, get on the moving walkway; if not, do NOT get on the moving walkway. In the middle of the skybridge are the steps/escalator for the train to Center City Philadelphia. If you’re coming from baggage claim, the train is across the taxi roadway; get your bags and then exit on the taxi side (labeled Zones 5-8 and cross the street).

The train costs $8 CASH ONLY* and stops adjacent to each terminal. Trains run every 30 minutes (departing Terminals E/F, the first stop, at :07 and :37 minutes after the hour). It takes less than 20 minutes from the airport to University City station, approximately three blocks from Quaker Day registration at Houston Hall (use GPS to navigate from there). If you want to minimize walking, particularly if you are staying with someone near 39th or 40th Streets, you can also stay on the train one more stop to 30th Street Station and follow the “Amtrak/Bolt Bus/Megabus” directions below.

*Note: SEPTA has launched a pilot enabling you to buy your ticket from your mobile phone! And, by the time you arrive, you should be able to get your ticket from a machine, too. However, these are in beta and may be subject to bugs.

Tip: Save your cash fare receipt! If you bring that to one of the ticket windows in Center City, you save $3 off the cost of your return ticket!

Other Options from PHL Airport

If that’s a little much, you can also take a Lady Liberty shared-ride van shuttle direct to Penn, although it might take a bit longer due to traffic and having to stop for other passengers. Go to the Ground Transportation Counter in Baggage Claim and dial 27 from the phone. They’ll then tell you where to get your shuttle. The cost is $10/person.

By regulation, UberX does not serve the airport. The cheapest Uber option is an UberBLACK which is around $50 to Penn. Lyft does serve the airport; a ride to Penn costs approximately $15. A taxi from the airport costs a flat fare of $28.50 excluding tip.


I’m Taking The Amtrak/Blot Bus/Megabus

Welcome to 30th Street Station, the nation’s third-busiest train station! From here, getting to Penn is easy via the SEPTA Trolley. If you took a SEPTA train (e.g. the train from the airport), go down the ramp to the Amtrak concourse. From the Amtrak section, walk through the food court (by the Au Bon Pain) and proceed to the exit. Cross 30th street and go down to the underground station, labeled with a blue sign reading “30th Street SEPTA”.

Buy a “Quick Trip” for $2.25 from the machine, enter the station, and go down the green steps on your right. Take any trolley EXCEPT ROUTE 10 two stops to 36th Street (pull the cord after 33rd or feel free to tell the operator where you’re going and they’ll make sure you get off). Then, go upstairs, turn right, and The Inn at Penn will be half a block down on your left (or, use GPS to navigate after exiting).

If you have a lot to carry, you can also consider an Uber from 30th Street to Penn. Cost is around $6-$7 and takes about 10-15 minutes depending on traffic.

This is Confusing Email me. I’ll help. Seriously.

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