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Why I Love M&T: Jake Goldman and Stephanie Shi

J. GoldmanJake Goldman, M&T Class of 2020

In high school, I excelled academically in math and science but had a strong interest in business endeavors outside of school. The “M” of M&T was evident in my DJ Production Business and my work with the interfaith organization, Faith Always Wins. I love working with people and sought to come to a school where I’d meet like-minded, driven individuals wishing to pursue multiple types of ventures.

I lived the “T” in M&T as the material came pretty naturally to me, and growing technological trends encouraged me to pursue engineering. M&T was the perfect fit.

I am continually affirmed in my decision to apply to and attend Penn. Being in an environment with like-minded people of ALL backgrounds has challenged me to learn new, very different things about people and their interests. One kid in my class launched a satellite with NASA – now that is pretty cool!

Many of my best friends are in M&T – my roommate and some upperclassmen are just a few. So far, the M&T community has challenged me in all sorts of ways, and I could not be happier with my decision to be an M&T.

 Jake Goldman is a NETS (Networked and Social Systems) major who plans to travel the world doing freelance coding after graduation.

StephanieShiStephanie Shi, M&T 2020

I first heard about M&T when I was researching summer programs during my junior year of high school and stumbled across the Management & Technology Summer Institute (M&TSI). Though I decided to pursue another opportunity that summer, the idea of being able to study both engineering and business – two areas that I had explored heavily in high school – stuck with me. Thus, when it came time to fill out my college applications, I decided to apply to M&T.

In today’s business world, there is a need for people with diverse skills and experience in both engineering and business. There’s truly is no better place than M&T to study these fields in combination. Taking both business and engineering classes has given me a more holistic perspective on how technology and business work together. And, it’s pushed me out of my comfort zone.

One of the things I love most is that M&T has an incredibly close and tight-knit community. I have M&T friends across all years and have met numerous alumni as well. This past year has been a thrill, and I am looking forward to seeing how M&T will continue to help me grow in my next few years here at Penn.

Stephanie is a Computer and Information Science (CIS) major who is leaning towards a Statistics and Management concentration.


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