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Why I Love M&T: Ikshita Singh and Bill He

IkshitaSinghIkshita Singh, M&T 2017

In high school, I loved science and math—they were always my most interesting, challenging classes. I took advantage of the many science and math extracurricular opportunities offered like Science Olympiad and the Waksman Student Scholars Program to get a taste for research. When I attended the New Jersey Governor’s School of Engineering & Technology, I discovered the intricate, exciting space of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. I knew then that I wanted to pursue engineering in college. However, there were so many other things I loved exploring in high school. I was heavily involved in Model United Nations and enjoyed public speaking, and was also excited about international policy and business.

When I first heard of M&T—from my sister, who also attended Penn—I was pleasantly shocked to find that as a coordinated dual-degree student I could do everything I wanted and more. I wanted to maintain my engineering coursework and solve interesting problems, but I also wanted to learn how to analyze managerial challenges and develop business strategies, particularly in international settings. I wanted the chance to explore my professional interests without prematurely closing any doors. Most importantly, I wanted the support and close-knit nature of a small group on campus where I could instantly feel at home. I knew M&T could offer me access to interesting alumni in a variety of industries and connections with some of the most prestigious, exciting companies out there, which made my decision that much easier.

Knowing all this, I applied to M&T early decision. Having spent almost the entirety of my four years here, I can honestly say I haven’t regretted a single second of it.

 Ikshita is majoring in biomedical science and concentrating in management and business analytics. After graduation, she will be a management consultant with an emphasis on healthcare with the Boston Consulting Group.

Bill He, M&T 2018

Since I was young, I have loved creating and building things. I found out early on that math and science concepts were key to create. In school, whenever we learned something new in math and science, I was always thinking about how these concepts could be applied to the world. I was also involved with many social impact projects. I enjoyed seeing how these small projects scale to become both impactful and sustainable.

I transferred into the M&T Program after my freshman year at Penn. During that freshman year, I tried to build a product to physically visualize the energy consumption of different residential buildings. As much as I enjoyed working on the technology, I found there was an essential disconnect between the incentives of the engineers on my team and that of the marketing/logistics side of the team. It became increasingly difficult for different team members to communicate in an effective manner as the technology and business strategies became increasingly complex.

This was a very interesting problem, and I found I really enjoyed thinking about how to scale technology. This was my biggest motivator to transfer into M&T. I love how motivated and accomplished everyone is in the Program. We are all super helpful, and would like nothing more than to see the one another succeed!

 Bill He is a computer engineering major concentrating in OIDD, Operations and Management, and Entrepreneurship. He plans to go into project management, development, or growth after graduation.

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