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My Wharton Senior Capstone Experience: Sonia Li, M&T ‘17

This past winter, Sonia Li (’17) participated in the Wharton Senior Capstone course. This for-credit business simulation course challenges Wharton seniors to design and implement a business strategy, which they eventually present at a three-day competitive simulation with their peers. Sonia reflects on her Capstone experience below.

During the last couple days of Winter Break, I participated in the Wharton Senior Capstone course (WH 398). When I signed up back in November, I didn’t quite know what to expect but hoped that it would be an interesting class! It turned out to be an amazing experience and one of my favorite classes at Penn.

The capstone course is a business simulation, in which Wharton seniors are randomly placed into teams to establish their own “company.” The simulation essentially covers the whole gamut of business, from finance to marketing and management to social responsibility. Teams need to build relationships and enter business negotiations with each other. They also build financial models for merger and acquisition discussions, interface with government, and even meet with the company’s board members, played by Wharton alumni.

I really enjoyed working with all of the members of my team, some of whom I had not known before the class. There were also several fun social events during which I got to talk to other students in the class. Furthermore, Professor Peter Fader and the entire Senior Capstone teaching staff made the class extremely enjoyable and memorable.

I enjoyed the capstone so much that, a few months after it ended, I attended an event and met participants of Wharton’s Executive Development Program, who happened to be doing the same simulation. It was great being able to meet others participating in the simulation and share thoughts on the experience. Overall, I loved the class, and I highly recommend it to all prospective seniors.

Sonia is a computer science major concentrating in finance and a member of the Class of 2017.

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