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M&T Spotlight: Cathy Chen

With over 200 students, the M&T community has an array of inspiring, exciting, surprising, and overall impressive achievements. We’ve asked M&Ts to share about their peers’ achievements in our “M&T Spotlight” series.

M&T Spotlight Name: Cathy Chen

About Cathy: Cathy is a senior studying computer science and concentrating in management in Wharton. In the past two summers, she has interned at Airbnb and JPMorgan Chase, and she’ll be working as a product manager at Asana after graduating. She is currently a facilitator for the Asian Pacific American Leadership Initiative (APALI) and has been heavily involved in the Hong Kong Student Association these past 3 years. Originally from Toronto and Hong Kong, Cathy spends some of her free time picking up freelance programming jobs and working on small side projects. One recent project she’s worked on is a Messenger bot that helps you track and store your thoughts.

Tech and Social Impact: Cathy’s main focus at Penn has been Hack4Impact, a 510(c)(3) non-profit that works with other organizations to build software for social change. Founded 3 years ago, they’ve now worked with over a dozen clients including the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger, Reading Terminal Market, The Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights, and Kiva. In Hack4Impact’s first year, Cathy served as Education Chair and was the product manager of two projects. The following year she was one of Hack4Impact’s Co-Directors and has helped build the community into what it is today.

Cathy’s friends are continually impressed by her passion and commitment, saying: “She’s done a ton of amazing work with Hack4Impact. I think it would be great for M&T to do a spotlight on her…and her path to being passionate about computer science and social impact.”

We are so impressed by and proud of Cathy for following her passions and using her talents to improve the world!

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