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M&T Spotlight: Adam Kirsh

With over 200 students, the M&T community has an array of inspiring, exciting, surprising, and overall impressive achievements. We’ve asked M&Ts to share about their peers’ achievements in our “M&T Spotlight” series.

M&T Spotlight Name: Adam Kirsh

About Adam: Adam is a computer science major in the Class of 2019. Originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area, he is passionate about all types of fitness and has an affinity for sampling the best delis in the tristate area.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit: After his freshman year, Adam took a gap semester to work on multiple ventures. During that time he co-founded Ivy Capital Management, the largest student-managed and student-funded investment fund in the U.S. He also started eCommerce sales management software company, NXTRetail, which he eventually sold to NXT Group in February. Through Ivy Capital and NXTRetail, Adam has activated his entrepreneurial spirit and helped serve the needs of individuals ranging from veteran company owners to student-entrepreneurs.

Besides his impressive business prowess, Adam is well known as “always thoroughly enjoying life”, according to friends. His fellow M&Ts describe him as “super positive, bright, and the most optimistic and cheerful guy.” He is regarded as one of the friendliest faces found in the M&T office, always ready to greet new friends and old with a smile.

We’re sure this is just the beginning of Adam’s great accomplishments!

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