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An M&Tradition Continues: AQR Thanksgiving

Each year, the M&T Student Board hosts a number of study breaks and other events to strengthen the M&T Community’s connection with one another. One much anticipated annual event is the M&Thanksgiving, sponsored by AQR Capital. The event includes a catered Thanksgiving-

style dinner, creative M&T Quizzo, and a presentation from a student who interned with AQR. This year, M&T senior Mike Terracciano shared his AQR experience. Mike enjoyed it so much he has accepted an offer to return to the firm full-time upon graduation.

 We asked first-year students Caroline Leng and Julie Chen to share their thoughts on their very first M&Thanksgiving.



One of the first events I heard about coming into my first year as an M&T was the annual AQR Thanksgiving. From the amazing food to the festive atmosphere, it was clear this event was not to be missed.

Walking into the room, I saw everything I had heard about M&Thanksgiving was accurate. There was a crackling fireplace projected onto the walls, tables stacked high with trays of food, and a room filled with smiles and conversation. I had never seen so much M&T apparel in one room!

To start off, Mike, an M&T who interned and now signed with AQR, spoke about his experience with the company. Mike shared that the collaborative and welcoming culture at AQR are similar to the environment he experienced here at Penn, and that is one of the main reasons he is returning to the firm. After hearing from Mike, I had my first introduction to Quizzo. The competitive camaraderie was evident throughout the night!

It was a great evening and I enjoyed spending time with the M&T community. One thing I am definitely thankful for this holiday season is that amazing M&T community I am lucky to be part of.

Caroline Leng is a Computer Engineering major concentrating in management. She is a member of the Class of 2021 and her favorite things about the M&T Program are the amazing academic opportunities and the Program unity.



I attended my first AQR Thanksgiving dinner this fall, and it has been one of my favorite experience with the M&T community so far. I have never seen so many M&T students in one place! It was great to have us all together – and not working on homework.

We started the evening by getting some food and hearing from Mike, an M&T who interned at AQR and will be working there next year. It was interesting to hear about his experience and gave us a better idea of potential internship and job opportunities with the investment firm.

Next, we played M&T Quizzo. I helped make the Quizzo with a few other M&T Student Board members, so it was so fun to see teams form and bond over our questions and inside-jokes. We had access to the web camera at the back of the room, and it was hilarious trying to zoom in and catch people cheating.

I’m so grateful we were all able to spend a few hours playing games, eating good food, and getting to know each other better. I’m thankful to AQR for helping this great M&Tradition continue!

Julie Chen is a member of the Class of 2021 majoring in Computer Science and concentrating in management. She loves the M&T community and the unique opportunities the Program provides academically and professionally.

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