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M&T Jane Street Study Breaks: A Staple in the M&T Experience  

Study breaks remain one of the highlights of M&T Sundays. The M&T Student Board organizes these regular pauses on the study-packed days as a way for the M&T student community to get together and de-stress. We’re thankful to have Jane Street Capital sponsor these breaks this year! M&T freshman and Student Board member Julie Chen shared her study break experience below.

Sunday afternoons, I would section out a few hours of my day to meet with friends and attend the M&T Jane Street Study Breaks. These Sunday staples were always a good way to catch up on homework, relax with friends, and grab some snacks. The delicious food is one of the best parts – it never lasted for the two hours! Some fan favorites included the Allegro’s sandwiches (which, in my opinion, are entirely underrated), the assortment of bagels from Spread and donuts from Beiler’s. My personal favorite was the five dozen Insomnia Cookies that were totally gone in 30 minutes. We M&Ts can certainly pack in the food!

Other than the amazing food, I always enjoyed the opportunity to relax and catch up with M&T friends. After hectic weeks, it’s nice to have a designated place to get some help with those problem sets you’ve been struggling with for hours. There is always a high turnout, with at least 40 of my M&T classmates from various years attending. People study together, and the upperclassmen are especially helpful guiding underclassmen through tough classes.

But, these study breaks weren’t just for studying! We also used them to take a break: streaming football games, jamming out to music, and meeting new people. I always looked forward to these breaks last semester: they are a real example of how the M&T community is close inside and outside of the classroom. Looking forward to what our breaks will look like this spring!

Julie is a computer science major in the Class of 2021. She loves being a part of this amazing M&T community!

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