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My M&T Summer Internship: Breezio and China Investment Corporation

The M&T Intern Fellowship Program has supported over 200 M&T students to pursue internships with entrepreneurial ventures. This summer, Joseph Wang (’20) used his Intern Fellowship award to work at software start-up Breezio, founded by M&T alumnae Karen McCord (’91). Joseph shared his internship experience below.

I secured my internship with Breezio through the M&T network. I watched my email for the OCR (on-campus recruiting) announcements sent by the M&T office and reached out to some of the contacts listed. Two positions stood out: a startup in D.C. and a private equity firm in São Paulo, Brazil. Both were founded by M&T alumni, both had a great interview process, and I ended up getting offers from both. Eventually, the start-up experience won out and I decided to spend six weeks of my summer at Breezio in D.C.

I worked with the marketing team at Breezio, reporting directly to the VP of Sales. Another M&T sophomore, Victor Chien, was also at Breezio in the product team. Breezio is a startup that offers community platforms to membership organizations. It’s a B2B company, so marketing is focused on establishing relationships with companies that have a purchase potential. That involves identifying potential points of contact through data analysis and modeling. The next steps are making contact with the company, doing a demo, and possibly converting the lead into a client. Since Breezio is a startup, I was able to get a taste of the entire conversion process. The hands-on, all-in experience is one I carry with me today.

After an engaging (and fun!) six weeks with Breezio, I went back home to Beijing to intern at China Investment Corporation, the state’s sovereign wealth fund. It was quite a turn from Breezio! I did both to help me figure out if I like a startup environment or a corporate one. I was also looking for a contrast between a more “techy” experience and a finance internship.

I found working at a start-up beneficial as it gave me a window into how businesses work in the most basic stage. Breezio also showed me the connections you make along the startup path are invaluable. I also enjoyed an internship in a corporation as it provided more structured training. Being involved in both these opportunities gave me an edge as I look for future opportunities.

Joseph (Yezhou) Wang is a member of M&T 2020 class studying finance and computer science. After graduation, he intends to explore the use of advanced technology in investment management and trading. His favorite thing about the M&T program is the amazing people in the program and the rich resource provided, especially the free coffee and candy!.

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