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Why I Love M&T: Brian Zeoli, Class of 2018

During high school, I was involved in math and science both inside and outside the classroom. I also enjoyed staying up-to-date on both financial and science and tech news. When I began the college search process, I talked with people I knew who had experiences I was interested in. Another student from my high school, Varun Deedwaniya, was an M&T 2013. Varun spoke highly of the M&T  program and of Penn.

My older brother, Chris, was a Wharton 2016 graduate and recommended M&T to me during my junior year of high school. He spoke of a close-knit, hard-working group of students with incredible ambition. My desire to continue learning cross-discipline has grown over my time at Penn. My experience has been enriching in numerous ways.

I’ve loved M&T because it fosters both a support network and ambition. My peers are hard-working and incredibly supportive – projects and studying are highly collaborative. Similarly, the M&T staff provide recommendations for classes to optimize each student’s experience at Penn. I’ve enjoyed both Wharton and Engineering quite a bit – and am very thankful for all of the resources, time and support over my time here at Penn, especially with M&T.

After graduation, I’ll be working full time in New York at a private equity firm called Crestview Partners. I’m looking forward to working in New York and staying connected with all of my Penn (and M&T!) peers next year. The past three and a half years have been incredibly rewarding, both in terms of learning and in the valuable relationships I’ve built. I’m excited to apply my background and experiences and continue to build on my friendships from Penn.

Brian Zeoli is a systems engineering major concentrating in finance.

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