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Why I Love M&T: Simran Arora, Class of 2019

I’ve been actively involved in research throughout high school and at Penn. As an intern in Penn’s GRASP lab during my Freshman year, I was working with a bio-robotics group. The group was developing a tool for controlling microscale robots in the human body with eventual applications in areas such as microsurgery and directed drug delivery. In my lab’s weekly meetings, we would constantly discuss the commercial applications of our research. We talked about partnering with university start-up incubators or consulting with roboticists already in the industry. However, each week we faced the same inhibitions around pivoting our research into a business.

As an M&Ts, I am pursuing a rigorous technical education alongside courses spanning marketing, management, finance, and policy. This combination gives me the opportunity to learn how to employ important business elements needed to bring such technical ideas to life. I’ve learned how to obtain funding, prepare business plans, market ideas to consumers, manage people and finances, integrate new products into the dynamic technology industry, and ultimately transform prototypes into full-fledged businesses. M&T students graduate with the skills, and confidence, to take entrepreneurial risks and pursue a wide range of professional goals.

Beyond the academic opportunities, I love M&T for the people and community. M&T students genuinely love to learn. I know M&Ts who have started their own AI reading groups, picked up hobbies in water coloring and gardening, and studied every detail of US transportation systems. Everyone contributes something unique to the community. I’ve learned so much from my peers through daily conversations in the M&T office, and at social and professional events organized by the M&T Student Board. Some of my closest friends are M&Ts, and I’m grateful to be a part of this supportive and inspiring community.

Simran Arora is a computer science major and math minor concentrating in finance.

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